Another month, another fun topic for the I Heart Faces challenge. I took this photo of Junebug last month and just love it, definitely one to print! I was doing some work on the computer and she brought her teddy in to look out of the window, it was such a sweet moment I just picked the camera up and snapped, this is just as she noticed me. I love the natural light through the window, matched with the colours it gives a beautiful airy feel.
Little Junebug has such a cute way with her dollies and soft toys, or ‘friends’ as she called them. She is always sitting with them reading or carrying them around to look at things. It makes me think she’ll enjoy being a big sister one day.

Darling girl and her teddy - both in pastels.

Darling girl and her teddy – both in pastels.

So this is my submission to the challenge this month, see other fantastic images at

Thanks for looking xx


Everyday life.

Hi all. I am working on a blog post of all the fun activities Junebug and I have been doing recently. I promise it will be up soon.

But for now this is another entry to the I heart faces photo challenge competition for March. The theme is ‘everyday life’ so I have gone for more of the feel of it rather than a great quality photo. This is Junebug pinching her Grandad’s toast at breakfast one day while we were staying with them. Junebug loves spending time with all her Grandparents, partly, I’m sure, because she enjoys being centre of attention and there’s always plenty of cake and biscuits around. We don’t live near by so unfortunately it isn’t possible to see them a lot but recently I showed her a photo of Grandad (my Dad) and she said “Papa” – my heart melted! So this photo is maybe an ideal of what I wish everyday life was like, more sweet moments with Grandparents.


Everyday life with Papa.

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Local location.

My lovely husband (of 5 years tomorrow!) suggested we go out with my camera this afternoon. This is my number one thing to do so I really appreciated him suggesting it and coming along. After trying to think of somewhere exciting to go we finally settled on popping to some local gardens to see if there were some good photo opportunities. What a result! It was beautiful and I’ve taken some of my favourite pictures yet of my daughter and her daddy.

Bright sunlight meant I had the ISO right down and could have a really low f/stop and high shutter speed to capture the cute little expressions she had. I also really enjoyed going under the trees with her and having a first attempt at the dappled light they created.

Here are some of our achievements.

Looking at the daisies.

Looking at the daisies.

Being very serious, briefly.

Being very serious, briefly.

Wearing Daddy's hat.

Wearing Daddy’s hat.

Sitting prettily.

Sitting prettily.

This tree is the perfect height for me.

This tree is the perfect height for me.

Phoebe and Daddy.

Daughter and Daddy.

The whole picture.

I was feeling lazy after my previous post and feel the need to give a bit more tonight. The splash photo is me taking part in a fun photo sharing competition from I heart faces. I have been following their site on facebook for a while and always thought what a good idea their monthly challenges were. They provide a theme and you are encouraged to take a new photo to show your interpretation. I think it will be good for me to attempt more diverse shoot ideas, I only hope I can keep up with it.  This month the theme is ‘make a splash!’ I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and going down the bath route, but then I also wanted to make it a summery outdoors picture. Bath thoughts led to bubble thoughts which made me think about this framed old poster for Pears’ soap my parents have in their house. Its a girl sitting and looking at bubbles, I was sure I’d also seen an old Pears’ poster with a baby in a tub… a bit of googling and there it was. So my photo idea was a modern recreation of this poster. Not very close but you can probably see where my inspiration came from.

Pears' Soap

Pears’ Soap

Make a splash!

Make a splash!

I do feel daunted when I look at other people’s photos but it does say for all levels… and I am getting lots of ideas for the future.