Spring has sprung!

Here in jolly England we are feeling much brighter and enjoying longer days as spring is finally here! As a family we celebrated this at the weekend by heading into the countryside for a gentle walk. We chose a gentle walk between a few villages, only 4 miles or so it should have taken a couple of hours at the most. However hubby let me bring the camera (add on 45 mins) and we let Junebug walk a bit (add on 20 mins) which meant not only were we going to finish a lot later than planned but we had to stop in the middle to have lunch. Best made plans…

It was a gloriously sunny morning and warm, especially when walking along with a toddler on your back. We really appreciated spending time together, away from all the jobs at home, and being able to show Junebug more trees and animals. She loved it!

I took advantage of the scenery and happy family to take some photos, you’d think we were never short of family photos but there aren’t that many of all three of us. This field of purple and green stood out to me, and I love the way the tracks run across the scene.

Luckily the tiny village halfway round had a great pub where we stopped for lunch. Junebug managed to entertain the entire clientele for a good hour playing peepo, grinning with her mouth full and jumping up to dance on her chair every time an upbeat song came on. “Dance Daddy, let’s dance Daddy!” She is such a little showoff and seems to know that people of the older generation will reward her cuteness with plenty of attention. It was hard to drag her away.

The final surprise on our trip was the appearance of this feller who just wanted to pose prettily in the sun for me – I had to oblige.

We are so thankful that we are heading into better weather and sunnier days, hopefully there will be many more family days out like this one. I’m so lucky to be part of this happy trio!


Everyday life.

Hi all. I am working on a blog post of all the fun activities Junebug and I have been doing recently. I promise it will be up soon.

But for now this is another entry to the I heart faces photo challenge competition for March. The theme is ‘everyday life’ so I have gone for more of the feel of it rather than a great quality photo. This is Junebug pinching her Grandad’s toast at breakfast one day while we were staying with them. Junebug loves spending time with all her Grandparents, partly, I’m sure, because she enjoys being centre of attention and there’s always plenty of cake and biscuits around. We don’t live near by so unfortunately it isn’t possible to see them a lot but recently I showed her a photo of Grandad (my Dad) and she said “Papa” – my heart melted! So this photo is maybe an ideal of what I wish everyday life was like, more sweet moments with Grandparents.


Everyday life with Papa.

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