31st October.

Ah the 31st October… a date I have dreaded ever since I moved into my own home. I hate Halloween 😦 It genuinely upsets me to see children dressed up as devils and and celebrating demons and death. I know people see me as a killjoy and most think it’s all just a bit of fun but I can’t agree, especially after having my own child. Jesus is the light of the world he has saved, He has defeated hell and Satan and yet they now seem to have their own holiday I’m supposed to be OK with. Unfortunately the evil one has a very real grip on this world and tries to steal people away from the God who loves them. I worry that by trivialising all the darkness and dressing up as evil things we are inviting him to creep in. I want to teach Junebug to stay away from these things, to draw close to the God who loves her and promises all of us light and love in this world and in his heaven.

I have always ummed and ahhed about answering the door to trick or treaters on Halloween. I don’t want to condone this celebration but I don’t want to be the stuffy neighbour that doesn’t give out sweets, or miss the opportunity to reach out to my community. Every year it’s a big dilemma. Some years I’ve hidden in the dark, others given in and others I’ve made plans to go out to avoid it. However with the arrival of my own child this has become impossible and the need to make a long standing decision became more pressing.

Then a wonderful friend wrote a blog post which could have been from my own mind – she felt the same way about Halloween and her children. And she had an idea, Thanksgiving. In the UK we don’t celebrate this holiday, we don’t really share the history behind it, but a holiday where we count our blessings and are thankful for love and family and all God has given us? I’m in! My friend’s idea was to replace a Halloween party with a Thanksgiving one; decorations, games, food, everything.

Luckily I saw this post in just enough time to join in, I bought some lovely food, invited friends round and Junebug and I made decorations for the window.


DSC06768DSC06794 Making stained glass leaves for the window and sticking decorations on our leaf wreath. Excellent fine motor skills practise too.

Unfortunately our family was struck down by a horrible sickness bug the day before Thanksgiving so the food, party and company part of our plans had to be cancelled. But we still gave sweets out to the children who knocked on our door and asked if they wanted to write on a leaf to go in the window; something they were thankful for. Several wrote sweets!


Our window on Thanksgiving. The neighbourhood children added to the leaves saying what they were thankful for.


DSC06811  Our window on Thanksgiving and the decorations Junebug helped make.

I am now really looking forward to the 31st of October each year. Especially as Junebug gets older and can understand more and make more decorations. It felt really nice to celebrate the goodness and blessings of which we have so many!