Branching out.

Life is busy and exciting at the moment. Not only is Junebug becoming more delightful and more trying as each new day comes, the weather changing and reminding us that Christmas is coming and usual family life stretching me in a million different directions. But I have been taking official bookings for ‘Photography by Helen’. I’ve decided to give it a go and share what I love doing with others. Starting up is fun; you get to design CDs, you get to offer bargain prices and you get to practise every shoot with your own child first so you get it right. It’s also scary; you have to big yourself up, you have to decide how much to charge people and you have to not act like a nervous wreck when it comes to shoot day. I’m struggling a lot with that last one.

We’re taking it slow, me and my new venture. I don’t want to race too fast and end up in a heap with unhappy customers and a neglected family. It amazes me how time consuming it can be researching locations and planning set up, getting together props and equipment and don’t even ask me about the editing! But I really love being creative in this way and hope the lovely families I work with will love it too.

Here are a few of the practise photos of Junebug before a fun family shoot in a nearby park. I think autumnal outdoor settings are my favourite, I could do some everyday. Junebug does not agree and got quite grumpy when she couldn’t just play with the bricks.

DSC05728 DSC05752 DSC05658 DSC05606

I am looking forward to some winter snow too – imagine the possibilities! Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Branching out.

  1. Your practice pictures look great!! I’d definitely hire you if you were close by. I’m sure starting a small business is difficult, time consuming, and nerve wracking, but hang in there. Your photos speak for themselves and business will be booming 🙂

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