Orange Leaves and Graffiti.

I’ve been quiet recently… I knew I had this post to come and was saving my time for it. This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to invite myself along to a photo shoot with some other photographers from my city. It’s the first time I’d ever done something like this so I was quite nervous but once I found my feet I really enjoyed myself. Arranged by Andy of Andy Douglas Photography there were 5 models, some vintage bikes and plenty of scenery to get my teeth into. And even more valuable… lots of other photographers to chat to, watch and get tips from.

All the photos were taken with my Sony A35; ISO 100, f/2.4-1.8 and varying shutter speeds due to the changing light and clouds, I set my wb to cloudy.

Urban feeling.

As soon as we arrived we were faced with a mega wall crammed with graffiti. Though colourful I like the extra urban feel from the black and white, especially with Jasmine and Lucy’s pale skin and dark hair. I also liked the juxtaposition of the trees and the wall.

DSC05449 - Copy DSC05427 - Copy DSC05414 DSC05408

The wheels.

These electric bikes and scooters were a unique surprise very much appreciated, especially when I got to take one for a spin around the park.

DSC05368 DSC05396 DSC05388

Embracing Autumn.

The shots I came for! I was so eager to do some photos with the fallen leaves and colour-changing trees. I love the results, Saffron’s auburn hair and striking dress added to the natural beauty of the trees.

DSC05539 DSC05538 DSC05516 DSC05500 DSC05451

Hair of red.

More autumnal shots this time Amelia’s hair really stands out against the trees (I love the sweeping on either side of her face in the first picture).

DSC05557 DSC05570



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