Buckets and Spades

We had the joy of discovering the brilliant End of Pier Delights yesterday at the Leicester City Festival. A fabulous, free, fun, family orientated event set up with a pop-up beach (!),actors and activities right in the middle of town. We popped along in the morning so Junebug could enjoy the sand and I could practise a bit of street/event photography. I’m pleased with the results so I hope you enjoy them too.

This lady was a joy to watch – she tried everything to get the children joining in and make them laugh. I especially liked how she got down onto their level to interact.







These guys told stories from inside a big metal whale…



Children could make a junk-model house to add to the Spark Village.




The Revenge of Mr Trout was an interactive play with hilarious moments.



DSC04856 DSC04858



Junebug playing in the sand.

DSC04804  DSC04766



We were lucky enough to miss the rain and Junebug fell asleep on the way home – signs of a great time. Thank you Spark Arts for Children.



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