Self Portrait.

I was inspired recently to try a self portrait. This was surprising as I am well aware I am one of the most unphotogenic people I have ever attempted taking a picture of! However I decided it would be a good experience and much needed practise of capturing someone that isn’t my, very photogenic, baby girl. 

After some thought and aimless googling I decided to try and represent my life in my photo, and so include things from my home and day to day routine. Here is the finished product:

Me.  SLT-A35  ISO 200  f/2.8  1/640 sec

SLT-A35      ISO 200      f/2.8     1/640 sec

So, everything is pretty self explanatory… I have the changing mat and nappies, laundry and ironing, Junebug’s toys and books, washing up, chalkboard from our kitchen which currently has an activity wheel on, recipe and child development books and my abdominal exercise frame (more occasional than day to day!).

Not really all there is to me at all, I hope, but a slice of my life.

I actually quite enjoyed taking the photos though I found editing tricky (do I really have all those lines round my eyes?) so you never know, I may do another in the future.


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait.

  1. It was very self explanatory and I think it does justice to the topic. And I can definitely relate to all of that… its all endless. V just have to make time for ourselves…

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