Local location.

My lovely husband (of 5 years tomorrow!) suggested we go out with my camera this afternoon. This is my number one thing to do so I really appreciated him suggesting it and coming along. After trying to think of somewhere exciting to go we finally settled on popping to some local gardens to see if there were some good photo opportunities. What a result! It was beautiful and I’ve taken some of my favourite pictures yet of my daughter and her daddy.

Bright sunlight meant I had the ISO right down and could have a really low f/stop and high shutter speed to capture the cute little expressions she had. I also really enjoyed going under the trees with her and having a first attempt at the dappled light they created.

Here are some of our achievements.

Looking at the daisies.

Looking at the daisies.

Being very serious, briefly.

Being very serious, briefly.

Wearing Daddy's hat.

Wearing Daddy’s hat.

Sitting prettily.

Sitting prettily.

This tree is the perfect height for me.

This tree is the perfect height for me.

Phoebe and Daddy.

Daughter and Daddy.


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