The whole picture.

I was feeling lazy after my previous post and feel the need to give a bit more tonight. The splash photo is me taking part in a fun photo sharing competition from I heart faces. I have been following their site on facebook for a while and always thought what a good idea their monthly challenges were. They provide a theme and you are encouraged to take a new photo to show your interpretation. I think it will be good for me to attempt more diverse shoot ideas, I only hope I can keep up with it.  This month the theme is ‘make a splash!’ I’ve been thinking about it for a few days and going down the bath route, but then I also wanted to make it a summery outdoors picture. Bath thoughts led to bubble thoughts which made me think about this framed old poster for Pears’ soap my parents have in their house. Its a girl sitting and looking at bubbles, I was sure I’d also seen an old Pears’ poster with a baby in a tub… a bit of googling and there it was. So my photo idea was a modern recreation of this poster. Not very close but you can probably see where my inspiration came from.

Pears' Soap

Pears’ Soap

Make a splash!

Make a splash!

I do feel daunted when I look at other people’s photos but it does say for all levels… and I am getting lots of ideas for the future.



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