Her 365th night

Phoebe asleep on her 365th night.

Junebug asleep on her 365th night.

Phoebe as near to exactly 1 year old as possible. Taken at 6.50am 26th June 2014.

As near to exactly 1 year old as possible. Taken at 6.50am 26th June 2014.

As I crept up to check on my little one last night I couldn’t help but take a photo. This was the last night before she turned one and a precious one in many ways. It had a sentimental sadness to it – this was the last of the firsts. Junebug has now experienced a whole year, she has seen Christmas, Easter,  and all the holidays. She has known all the seasons; wrapped up in winter and toddled barefoot in summer. The 25th June was the last date she had never been alive for before. As I think back over the year I have to believe we have been so totally blessed with great memories. I mean sure her first trip to the beach it rained and I haven’t taken her swimming as much as I’d like but how amazing that we have done all that we have done together. And while it’s sad that some firsts are behind us it is so much more exciting to think of all that is ahead. As a family we thank God for blessing us with such an inquisitive and funny little girl to fill our days.


3 thoughts on “Her 365th night

  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! My son was born two days before your daughter so I have just gone through the bittersweetness of hitting that one year mark. I am so proud and eternally grateful, but cannot believe he is this grown up! Looking forward to more posts. Job well done!

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