Her 365th night

Phoebe asleep on her 365th night.

Junebug asleep on her 365th night.

Phoebe as near to exactly 1 year old as possible. Taken at 6.50am 26th June 2014.

As near to exactly 1 year old as possible. Taken at 6.50am 26th June 2014.

As I crept up to check on my little one last night I couldn’t help but take a photo. This was the last night before she turned one and a precious one in many ways. It had a sentimental sadness to it – this was the last of the firsts. Junebug has now experienced a whole year, she has seen Christmas, Easter,  and all the holidays. She has known all the seasons; wrapped up in winter and toddled barefoot in summer. The 25th June was the last date she had never been alive for before. As I think back over the year I have to believe we have been so totally blessed with great memories. I mean sure her first trip to the beach it rained and I haven’t taken her swimming as much as I’d like but how amazing that we have done all that we have done together. And while it’s sad that some firsts are behind us it is so much more exciting to think of all that is ahead. As a family we thank God for blessing us with such an inquisitive and funny little girl to fill our days.




A friend mentioned about writing a blog and I thought maybe I’ll give it a go. While perusing hers for inspiration I followed a couple of links and came across this set of photos telling the birth story of a little Matilda. What a coincidence! Almost a year ago exactly this is what happened to myself and my husband, and our daughter. There are many differences in our stories but our adventure was generally the same. Similarities: I gave birth in the passenger seat of our car. Differences: I had never given birth before, my husband was driving while it was happening, I looked a state having been unable to concentrate for long enough to brush my hair or put in my contact lenses, we stopped at a petrol station. In many ways I’m glad there wasn’t anyone with a camera handy!
With Junebug’s birthday fast approaching I find myself thinking over what happened a lot and each time am blown away by how lucky we were. Or really how God was watching over us. What many people don’t realise is that what happened was potentially life threatening for both Phoebe and myself. Phoebe had been breech until I was 37 weeks pregnant when we had a successful ECV. This meant I could have the natural birth I desperately wanted, however there is a 1 in 35 percent chance that my baby might return to the breech position in the next few weeks. Therefore they tell you you must ring when you go into labour so they can scan and see what position baby is in. Unfortunately the midwife we called was not interested in this, nor the fact that my contractions were lasting 60 seconds and were 120 seconds apart. “It’s only been going on for an hour? Oh it’ll be ages yet, don’t come in” An hour later there was blood all over my bathroom floor and my husband was ushering me into the car telling me we really needed to get to the hospital now. I am so glad Junebug was still the right way up as delivering a breech baby alone could have had severe complications. And she was perfect 🙂
Apologies to those of you reading this who have no interest in birth and babies, as I said it has been on my mind this week. And it’s only my first ever blog so forgive me.